NFL WEEK 2! w/ Radio Griff

Week One Prediction Standings:
Wenz 11-5
Griff 8-8

They recap week one and make their predictions for week 2!

Is it time to put in Jimmy G?!
Does Wenz have THAT much respect for Kirk Cousins?

Wenz believes in a scenario where Chicago and Minnesota battle it out in the NFC North!

Griff is still thinking the Jags are a playoff team?!

So many surprises in this episode 🙂

You’ll love it or your minutes back!

Wenz and Radio Griff

WE’RE BACK! NFL Predictions & Insight with Radio Griff and Wenz

The defending champion Rams take on the team who many think should have been the AFC representative in SuperBowl 56 – AND – who many believe will be this year’s champion!

The Bills are for real!

“But to be the man, you gotta beat the man.”

Is Stafford’s elbow up to snuff?

New weapons on both sides!

Lots of points to be scored here!

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How Correct were we? Clash at the Castle PREDICTIONS with Vinny Bucci!

Welcome, Friends of the Wenz!

Clash at the Castle!

There’s so much on the line!

Wenz has been slumping bad recently and needs to rebound to avoid a suspension!

Bucci provides timeless insight into each match and gets particularly heated about the Mysterio storyline. For good reason, too!

Worth a listen 🙂

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