NFL WEEK 2! w/ Radio Griff

Week One Prediction Standings:
Wenz 11-5
Griff 8-8

They recap week one and make their predictions for week 2!

Is it time to put in Jimmy G?!
Does Wenz have THAT much respect for Kirk Cousins?

Wenz believes in a scenario where Chicago and Minnesota battle it out in the NFC North!

Griff is still thinking the Jags are a playoff team?!

So many surprises in this episode ๐Ÿ™‚

You’ll love it or your minutes back!

Wenz and Radio Griff

How Correct were we? Clash at the Castle PREDICTIONS with Vinny Bucci!

Welcome, Friends of the Wenz!

Clash at the Castle!

There’s so much on the line!

Wenz has been slumping bad recently and needs to rebound to avoid a suspension!

Bucci provides timeless insight into each match and gets particularly heated about the Mysterio storyline. For good reason, too!

Worth a listen ๐Ÿ™‚

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WWE Hell in a Cell Recap & THE NEW…

Welcome back, friends!

We recap WWE Hell in a Cell and crown a new wrestling pay-per-view prediction champion in Wenz World!

With a Score of 6-4 (Not close if you think about it)

The Wenz is looking to win Money in the Bank & Summerslam too!

Thanks so much for watching and keeping the show alive ๐Ÿ™‚

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Getting To Know Monroe 1.0 & Out of Control Traffic Watch 2.0!

We welcome Atlanta Traffic Icon, Chris Monroe back to Wenz World for a reboot of a Wenz World Classic.
We answer questions from the general public about Atlanta traffic, Chris’ personal life, and views on the world.
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Male Soap Opera Moment featuring Vincenzo the Butler from Game Changer Wrestling!

๐ŸฆพAn Exclusive Interview with #VincenzoTheButler of
in WenzWorld

speaks on managing
when he’s not performing his butler duties.

#wrestling #GCW #GameChangerWrestling #MaleSoapOperaMoment #IndieWrestling

Superb Owl Preview Show! Featuring Radio Griff & Wenz World Radio

We go the extra yard.

The Simpsons have already simulated this year’s Superbowl and the reason we should believe Matt Groening!

the future of NFL Super Bowl halftime shows? Radio Griff nails it.

Wenz feels the Bengals have the magic this year.

Griff may or may not believe Tom Brady signs a 1 year deal with the team he adored as a child.


Do you think that Joe Burrow will have OVER 1 PASSING YARD tonight?

Of course, he will!

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w/ @radiogriff…

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NFL Conference Championship Predictions w/ Radio Griff

Welcome to the show!

We recap the Divisional Playoff round and all the action including Tom Brady not being in this round of football & how the O.T. rules need to be modified in the postseason.

In addition, we provide sound logical reasoning on why the 49ers and Bengals will party like it’s 1989.

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Wenz & Griff

Week 12 NFL Predictions & Insights w/ Radio Griff: #Leftover Edition

Hi, Friends!

Wenz and Griff cover the remainder of Week 12 including Aaron Rodgers COVID Toe, The pending collapse of the Cowboys, the most underrated running back in the AFC, and so much more!

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