NFL Week 7 – Predictions & Insights w/ Radio Griff

We are back at it!

Griff was cruising the United States with his family in tow.

He stopped by Cincinnati and asked the locals how they felt about their QB.

Get all the deets πŸ™‚

Wenz and Griff give their savvy predictions and have a ton of fun along the way!

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NFL Week 3 – Predictions & Insights w/ Radio Griff

Join Radio Griff and the Wenz for a recap of Week 2 in addition to Week 3 power picks!


Who are the “real” 2-0 teams? We discuss!

Is Vegas destined to fall from Glory soon?

How long is this fiasco in Chicago gonna last at the QB spot?

Texans QB trouble

and so much more!

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Making Sense of Declassified UFO Sightings, Close Encounters, and Space Travel w/ Dr. Hugh Ross

We welcome Dr. Hugh Ross, Founder & President, Reasons To Believe.
We discuss recently declassified documents by U.S. Forces and the global phenomena of close encounters.
How can these beings travel throughout space unscathed?
Could there be creation apart from what is seen?
What are the common messages that abductees receive from these beings?
What does Scripture say about this kind of thing?
There is a commonality to all cases of close encounters.


Male Soap Opera Moment: Money in the Bank Preview!


Money in the Bank Preview Show!
Featuring the “Wrestling Encyclopedia” – Vinny Bucci

What will the impact of in-person attendance be?
Do the cheers and boo’s of pumped-in crowd noise reflect the #WWEUniverse?
Will #JohnCena return to #Summerslam next month?
Booch’s usual tirade on #CharlotteFlair
Is Kofi Kingston Over? Booch doesn’t think so.
Will #RomanReigns wrestle #TheRock at Summerslam?
Is #BillGoldberg returning to face #BobbyLashley at Summerslam?
We dive into all of this and more!
#WWE #Moneyinthebank

WWE Male Soap Opera Moment w/ Vinny Bucci


What a Royal Rumble! What do you think?

We discuss:

– A Scripted “botch”?!

– We saw the return of Carlito and Christian

– A huge win for the EST of WWE

– The Rated “R” Superstar comes out on top

– More Rumble Results! A look ahead to Elimination Chamber…

Wrestlemania is just over a month away and the storylines are shifting

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Wenz & Friends: Catching up w/ Cole Cummings

Wenz catches up with his friend, Cole Cummings.

Cole is a successful: musician, daytrader, marketer, Instagram influencer, and more! Follow the @’s on the video πŸ™‚

What would happen if we changed our circumstances? Cole shares his experience of being unemployed, yet thriving financially and mentally.

Ever wonder what it would be like to bet on yourself? He talks about the transition between working full-time for someone else and pursuing his passions.